The team at Pixel Perfect Studio believes that a multitude of factors come together to make your brand. The whole package must impress. This is why we are an experience design studio – which means you’re in the capable hands of our team of specialised user experience, illustration and visual communication designers. We believe that a wholesome view of a brand is much better than seeing it as disjointed pieces of a puzzle, and we work to deliver fantastic brand experiences. We also undertake select photography projects and projects that involve moving visuals. 

Our goal is to make the world a better place with responsible design. Accessibility is an important consideration for us and we strive to create communication that is easy for everyone to absorb. Design is like a silent superhero – it’s everywhere! Good design tends to be something that communicates in a manner so natural and seamless, you don’t realise it’s there, and Pixel Perfect Studio is all about good design. 

We pride ourselves on being organised, timely and transparent. We make sure you thoroughly enjoy your experience of working with us. Our favourite tools are imagination and a good sense of humour. For design outputs, we work only on licensed design softwares and are skilled users of popular design tools including our favourite – the Adobe Creative Suite.
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